Let us guide you through one of the world’s oldest and largest gothic cathedrals and Germany’s most visited landmark that took over 600 years to build. Visiting Cologne Cathedral, you will be impressed by the medieval artworks and stunning stained glass windows.

Discover the Old Town of one of Germany’s most storied cities with a rich history of over 2000 years on our guided walking tour. See Germany’s oldest historically documented town hall, roam the picturesque squares, and explore the narrow lanes of the Altstadt.

Let’s grab a bicycle and go for a relaxed ride through Cologne. We offer several well-planned itineraries to suit every preference: Ride along the banks of the Rhine River or take the direct route through the center of the city. Our bike tours allow participants to see Cologne through the eyes of the locals: We will show you the university district, trendy residential quarters and booming neighborhoods, and some of our most beautiful parks.

Fire up your cardio and explore the city at the same time! Grab your running shoes and join us for a running sightseeing tour along the banks of the Rhine River and through Cologne’s central park area. And please don’t be intimidated – this is not a race.

The city of Cologne had its start as a Roman outpost in 38 BC and then evolved into the flourishing Roman capital of Germania Inferior, an honorable position maintained for over four centuries. Follow us on a walking tour discovering the remains and the heritage of the Romans in Cologne, as we visit ancient excavation sites, the Roman sewer system, and one of the world’s best preserved Roman mosaics.

Cologne is said to be the city with the oldest Jewish community north of the Alps mountains. Since approximately the first century, Cologne has been home to a vibrant Jewish community. Our walking tour brings Cologne’s Jewish heritage to light, covering the community’s cultural heritage, influence, but also its trials and tribulations over almost 2000 years of history.

Germans love their beer and the people of Cologne certainly love their own local brew: It is called Kölsch and traditionally served only in skinny 0.2 l (7 oz.) glasses. Bottoms up for the most refreshing tour that we have to offer.

Cologne is widely renowned for its traditional and savory local cuisine. Learn about – and savor – the local comfort food dishes that are staples of Culinary Cologne, including Reibekuchen, Himmel und Äd, Halve Hahn, and our local brew Kölsch. It’s going to be delicious.

As the biggest city in the far west of Germany, Cologne is a melting pot for a wide range of influences from popular to urban culture. Our tour of Alternative Cologne covers the city’s skateboarding, music, and fashion subcultures, as well as design agencies, bars, and other hip businesses. Explore trendy neighborhoods such as Belgisches Viertel and Ehrenfeld and get up close and personal with creatives by visiting local workshops, designers, and art galleries.


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