Brühl palace & Garden tour

Tour Overview

Located about 20km outside of Cologne or Bonn, Augustusburg Palace in Brühl is sometimes called the Versailles of Germany. It is one of the best preserved examples of Rococo architecture in the whole country! The palace was honored as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1984, because of its incredible detail, style, and pristine condition.

Augustusburg Palace was commissioned in 1725 by the wealthy Cologne elector and archbishop Clemens August of the House of Wittelsbach. The palace was intended to be Clemens’ summer residence, designed to impress subjects and courtiers alike with its grandeur. You can learn lots more about the history and details on our blog post about visiting Augustsburg Palace.

In collaboration with certified interior palace guides, our guests will pass through the key rooms inside, including the sleeping chamber, ballroom, office and the grand staircase. After seeing the interior, guests will be guided through the beautiful French gardens adjacent to the palace. For the really adventurous visitors, walk through the forest to the hunting lodge at the back of the property.

Important Features

Art of Touring Destination Management

Short walking tour format, mostly inside the palace

Art of Touring Destination Management

Offered in the spring, summer & fall

Art of Touring Destination Management

Available on Tuesday - Sunday

Art of Touring Destination Management

Flexible starting point in Cologne or Bonn


Grand Staircase

The marble-clad grand stairway is the most impressive room in the palace. You’ll want to snap photos from every angle as you marvel at this faux dome structure!

Garden Stroll

Designed in a classic French style, the formal gardens at Augustusburg Palace are internationally renowned, which is why they are also included in the UNESCO dedication. 

Falkenlust Lodge

Used as a hunting lodge by Clemens August, this smaller residence is located walking distance from the main palace through a lovely and peaceful wooded park. 

Details About Brühl Palace & Garden Tour


Depending on the arrival and timing of the client, this tour can be adjusted in 30 minute increments. It is most often offered as an excursion from Cologne or Bonn, requiring a minimum of 2.5 hours including the transportation. It can be extended to meet your individual needs.

Minimum 2.5 Hours

Adjustable to client needs


Because Brühl is located about 20km outside of Cologne and Bonn, bus transportation is usually required to reach the palace. Art of Touring can assist in securing a private coach bus. On the bus ride to the palace & gardens, our dynamic guides will give you lots of information about the history of the region, Clemens August and much more.  

Optional Inclusion

Based on client request


Art of Touring has guides who speak many different languages. Most commonly, we offer English, German or Spanish tours, but other languages can be made available upon request.


Language preference based on client request

Starting Location

This tour can start from Cologne or Bonn. Most of the time, it will begin at a cruise dock, at the hotel or wherever you need to be picked up with the transportation. Location can be easily adjusted to accommodate client needs.


Anywhere in Cologne or Bonn

Walking Distance

The walking distance inside the palace is quite minimal, and then guests can have an optional stroll through the gardens at their leisure. The gardens are quite extensive, so the walk can be as long or short as the client desires. Guests can even walk the full 2.5km to Falkenlust! 

1 km – 5 km

Minimal hills or elevation


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