Cologne Old Town Tour

Tour Overview

Discover the Altstadt or Old Town of one of Germany’s most storied cities with a rich history of over 2,000 years. Our engaging guides will bring to life stories from Cologne’s past and connect them to contemporary times.

Guests will visit Germany’s oldest town hall, roam through picturesque squares, see statues illuminating the Kölsch spirit, and explore the narrow lanes of Cologne’s Altstadt. Of course, every tour will include a stop at the most famous attraction in the city, the impressive Cologne Cathedral. 

Important Features

Art of Touring Destination Management

Walking tour format, exploring key highlights of Cologne

Art of Touring Destination Management

Offered throughout the year, 7 days a week

Art of Touring Destination Management

Flexible starting point around city center


Cologne Cathedral

This is the attraction to see in Cologne, so naturally our Old Town tour will stop at the stunning Cathedral. Admire the gothic style and detailed towers. 

Tünnes & Schäl Statue

Hear the funny story about Cologne’s two sides with a stop at the Tünnes & Schäl statue. You can collect some good luck from these iconic historical figures.

Fish Market

Snap the perfect picture at Cologne’s most Instagrammable square. Learn about the history of the market and St. Martin’s romanesque church. 

Details About Cologne Old Town Tour


Depending on the arrival and timing of the client, this tour can be adjusted in 30 minute increments. It is most often offered in a 90 minute format, but it can be shortened or extended to meet your individual needs.

1 to 2 Hours

Adjustable to client needs


Art of Touring has guides who speak many different languages. Most commonly, we offer English, German or Spanish tours, but other languages can be made available upon request.


Language preference based on client request

Starting Location

This tour can start from many different locations, depending on the needs of the client. Most of the time, it will begin at a cruise dock along the Rhine River or at the Gereonstrasse bus station. Location can be easily adjusted to accommodate client needs.


Typically Rhine banks or Gereonstrasse

Walking Distance

Cologne’s Altstadt does not spread out over a large area, so this walking tour is appropriate for all skill and fitness levels. The route can be adjusted to accommodate gentle walkers or families with young children.

2 – 4km

Minimal hills or elevation


Each of our tour guides takes a slightly different approach to their walking tours of the Cologne’s Altstadt. They highlight unique stories and perspectives, giving each tour an individual flair. Every tour will stop at Cologne’s key locations, including the Altermarkt, Cologne Cathedral and Fishmarkt. Smaller stops, such as the Farinas Fragrance Museum or Hohenzollern bridge, will vary by guide.


Featured highlights and varied individual stops


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